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37 weeks of shaving with VanYulay!!


Welcome to the #VanYulayProject!! Do you know what’s better than shaving for a week with VanYulay shaving products? Thirty-Seven vanyulayproject_25932015945_oweeks of shaving with VanYulay shaving products! Yep that’s right, thirty-seven24786500526_65f6256f68_o weeks of shaving with VanYulay. VanYulay has a wide variety of shaving soaps with different fragrances to satisfy any wet shavers urge no matter what level of experience they are. I had the opportunity of reviewing some shave soap from VanYulay a while back and what I discovered very quickly was just how fantastic their soap really is. The lather was rich and thick and felt smooth and comforting24719080261_6f2f6547cd_o on my skin. The other quality of each shave24517199620_e77c0d8913_o soap from VanYulay is that all of their soaps are made with natural ingredients for an all natural soap that is good for both your body and the environment.

VanYulay also fills each tin with the soap in star formations and off sets each star. This star formation makes building a thick and creamy lather enjoyable and in half the time. The hard textured soap stars helps decrease the amount of time and work for lather building. VanYulay has started using plastic tubsvanyulayproject_25299271654_o that have more than enough extra room to build a robust lather right there in the same tubvanyulayproject_25837051521_o the soap comes packaged in. What do you do with the left over lather you ask? leave the lid of off the tub over night and the left over lather dries up back into the shave soap. Natural ingredients, a soap that produces a creamy and robust and a soap that comes with its own shave bowl. The question you should ask your self is why aren’t you shaving with the VanYulay soaps?

Almost a years worth of shaving!


Since there is Fifty-Two weeks in a year and I will be shaving with the VanYulay soaps for Thirty-Seven of them I decided to split the entire project up into Six-Six week projects. Six weeks on and Six weeks24444927269_405c302189_o off with one new scent every week. The scent line up will come at a later date with a detailed description of the natural ingredients and the aroma each one has. Below is a monthly schedule of when each Six week project will start and end so you can check back during those times and read weekly summaries on how the project is going. There will also be a separate online review blog of each week as well.

Van Yulay shave project outline



– (2016)-

(1.) July 11th – July 22nd

(2.) Oct 10th – Nov 21st

– (2017)-

(3.) Jan 15th – Feb 26th

(4.) April 23rd – June 4th

(5.) July 30th – Sept 10th

(6.) Nov 5th – Dec 17th

I’m looking forward to this lengthy project with VanYulay in hopes to help spread the word of VanYulay’s quality product along with the all natural ingredients that make each VanYulay product a great skin care product as well. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a Baldtastic day!


The more VanYulay the better!

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